Fall Asleep As Soon As Your Head Hits the Pillow

...Even if your mind loves to run a million miles an hour.


Does any of this apply to you?

  • You regularly feel as if you were awake all night long.
  • Despite trying everything you can think of to make yourself fall asleep, nothing has worked consistently.
  • You're fed up with being kept awake by all the thoughts running through your mind.
  • You're tired of starting every day TIRED!

The Problem?

You've already followed all the conventional sleep advice and yet you aren't getting any more sleep than you were before.

No matter what you've tried in an attempt to improve your sleep, including wasting countless time and energy experimenting with different sleep “remedies” in hopes of finding the answer to your insomnia...you still aren’t any closer to fixing your sleep issues.

If you’d known you’d spend ALL this time and money trying to improve your sleep to only accomplish such disheartening results, you probably would’ve been better off just putting up with perpetual sleep deprivation for the sake of your own sanity.

You're not alone. This is exactly how I felt for 12 years.

Every night for as long as I can remember, I laid in bed for hours unable to physically fall asleep due to anxiety, stress, depression, and being unable to turn off my thoughts.

On top of that, I was the only person I knew who suffered from insomnia.

No matter how much googling I did, sleep-aid products I tried, I couldn’t crack the code on insomnia.

Maybe you feel the same way?

  • Maybe you’ve...found things that have helped here and there, but after a couple weeks it suddenly stops working and you’re back to square one

  • Maybe you’ve...used traditional sleep medication, but you don’t want to rely on a prescription your whole life

  • Maybe you...take good care of yourself and lead an active lifestyle but for whatever reason insomnia is always in the background

  • Maybe you...feel like because you’ve dealt with insomnia for so long, that there’s no way to possibly reverse the cycle

It's not your fault you feel this way.

It's the fault of the sleep-aid industry.

Look at these facts from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine:

Sleep studies show that sleeping pills only help people fall asleep about 8 to 20 minutes faster. And they add less than 35 minutes to nightly sleep.

AASM does NOT recommend common over-the-counter antihistamine and analgesic sleep aids as well as herbal and nutritional substances (like melatonin), because there is not enough evidence that they are effective or safe.

Relying on sleeping pills for longer periods of time or in higher doses increases the likeliness that that person will experience negative side effects.

Most sleep-aid products are aimed at treating the symptom of insomnia...but don't actually create long-lasting change in the brain.

Which is why everything you've tried hasn't worked.

The pharmaceutical industry has everyone convinced that we can’t fix our sleep issues without them, which is why you feel like you’re hopping from one "quick fix" to another with no tangible results to show for.

On top of that, the long-term side effects of prescription sleep medication are often times more harmful than NOT sleeping…

And the standard sleep therapy solutions make you adhere to uncomfortable, strict routines like: getting out of bed if you can't sleep, keeping a detailed journal to log every single minute you (didn’t) sleep, and forcing you to get out of bed even if you're completely exhausted.

All of these things only amplify your feelings of hopelessness, frustration, and exhaustion.

After trying so many “solutions” I almost gave up on fixing my sleep. I almost resigned to believe that insomnia was something I’d have to deal with forever.

Until one day, I stumbled upon the science of how insomnia, anxiety, and stress can become habituated by the brain.

I had a breakthrough.

This was the first time I realized that all sleep-aid products on the market are aimed at treating the symptom (insomnia), and don't actually create lasting, permanent change in the brain.

I was re-inspired to get to the bottom of why I couldn’t sleep. I started studying brain, how habits are created, and I started experimenting with different techniques to master the power of my own mind. 

Then one night, for the first time in over a decade, I fell asleep in a matter of a few minutes! From that point on, it was as if I’d never had issues with insomnia at all!

At first I thought it was luck, but now years later I haven’t had any recurrence of insomnia and I’m sleeping better than I once ever thought was possible for me.

Sleep was no longer a problem for me, and waking up in a good mood every morning became my new normal! 

"My first week of following the Sleep Success Method I slept naturally 3 nights in a row, which I hadn't been able to do in 20 years! I'm a Registered Polysomnographic Sleep Technologist and yet I, too, have suffered from the detrimental effects of insomnia for over 3 decades. I have researched and tried every supplement under the sun, coupled with sleep hygiene, to no avail. The Sleep Success Method program has no doubt been the missing link to my success! "

Terri Lansing (Registered Sleep Technologist)
30 years with insomnia

Just imagine never having to be kept up all night by your own thoughts (ever again!)

People started asking me for help, and that’s when I decided to create my own framework to help others fix their sleep as well. 

And then - low and behold - my clients were achieving the same outstanding results!

I learned that anyone can regain their ability to fall asleep easily as long as they follow the right process!


Imagine what it's going to be like when...

You no longer worry about whether you'll get enough sleep or not.

You know exactly what to do to ensure you fall asleep quickly every night.

You wake up refreshed and energized, ready to conquer the day ahead of you!

You can say insomnia was a thing of the past!


A 3-module video course that will retrain your mind to turn off and fall asleep automatically. 

The step-by-step system for anyone struggling with falling asleep due to a racing mind, stress, anxiety, or an overactive mind that won’t shut off!  

You’ll learn how to:

  • Follow a simple sleep routine so you can achieve long-lasting results with minimal effort (that doesn’t require you to drastically change your lifestyle!)
  • Decode your insomnia and uncover why everything you’ve tried so far to fix your sleep hasn’t worked (why all the typical sleep advice hasn’t gotten you the results you’re looking for!) 
  • Hack your sleep so you wake up with energy every morning (regardless of how many hours you slept!) 
  • Avoid all past mistakes that have left you feeling discouraged, frustrated, and fed up with your sleep (so you can make sure insomnia doesn’t come back in the future!)

"WOW!! Meredith's program completely blew me away. All the resources inside Sleep Success are so easy to follow and even after just a few days of implementing these techniques I noticed an improvement in my sleep. After a few short weeks I started falling asleep faster than I ever thought possible. My favorite part about the Sleep Success program is that everything you need to get results is provided inside the program, truly nothing is left out and Meredith walks you through each step of the way. I can't thank you enough!"

Wendy Lansdon
16 years with insomnia

What's Inside Sleep Success?

Module 1 (RETRAIN): Simple Sleep Framework (value $350) 

You’ll learn the shortcut routine that makes falling asleep effortless, plus easy, yet powerful, techniques to keep improving the quality of your sleep for even long after you finish this course.

Module 2 (RELEASE): Insomnia Decoder Roadmap (value $350)

You’ll uncover the exact reasons for why everything you’ve tried so far to fix your sleep hasn’t worked, plus, you’ll learn how to quickly move past those barriers so that you can finally get all the sleep you deserve.

Module 3 (REFRAME): Hack Your Sleep System (value $350) 

You’ll learn how to make sleeping no big deal anymore, plus exactly what you need to do to ensure that bouts of insomnia won’t be an issue for you, ever again.

Sleep Success Step-by-Step Workbook (value $111)

This workbook is your step-by-step roadmap to getting your sleep back. All you need to do is complete the exercises as you go through each video module and watch your sleep transform.

Simple Sleep Routine Guide (value $97)

Your Simple Sleep Routine summarized into one handy guide so that you can easily stay on track to fall asleep super easily. There’s even a handy little checklist and tracking calendar included so you can easily see all the progress you’re making!

Instant Sleep Audio Bundle (value $97) 
These 4 exclusive audio downloads are designed to fast-track your journey to sleep success. With just a few minutes a day of listening to these audio tracks, before you know it you’ll be falling asleep faster than  you ever thought possible.

Your Plan to Heal Insomnia in Just 3 Simple Steps

Retrain Your Mind to Fall Asleep Easily

Release the Subconscious Insomnia Pattern

Reframe Your Relationship with Sleep

Check out these incredible included BONUSES!

BONUS 1: 7-Day Sleep Reset Roadmap
(value $100)

Speed up your progress by following this 7-day action plan to quick-start your sleep journey. By completing just 1 simple action each day during your first week, you’ll be jumpstarting your progress to fall asleep easily.

BONUS 2: Anxiety is My Superpower Masterclass
(value $250)

Discover how to use anxiety to your advantage so that it becomes one of your greatest superpowers. After this masterclass you’ll know how to harness your anxiety to create meaningful change in your life.

BONUS 3: Trauma Self-Healing Program 
(value $900)

Use these guided techniques to effectively target and heal from trauma. By following these exercises, you will release past traumas from your subconscious mind so they can no longer hold you back from living to your fullest potential 

BONUS 4: Members-Only Facebook Group 
(value $650)

Community Support! Get access to join the exclusive Facebook group for Sleep Success members where you find advice, support, and friends. We are here for you and can't wait to welcome you to the community!

BONUS 5: Relax & Reprogram Audio Powerpack
(value $197) 
*ABOUT TO EXPIRE!* Enroll now to get this exclusive action-taker bonus! 

Effortlessly reprogram your mind to be stress-free and relaxed by listening to any of the audio files included in this exclusive audio powerpack. The more you listen to these audios, the less stress you’ll experience on a day to day basis. 



Yes, I Need This!

Our Sleep Success Guarantee

If you’re not 100% satisfied with the program, the strategies, or the resources inside after 30 days, I will offer you a full refund. Please note that you must complete all video lessons and email us all of your completed Workbook exercises to be eligible for a refund.

Make your payment today, and you don’t even have to decide if you’re in for good! Take the full 30 days to explore the materials and complete the entire Sleep Success program.

and THEN... make a decision using the information YOU HAVE, rather than the information you don’t. 

"It is freaking unbelievable, but in just a few days, I've been sleeping extremely well! When I say "sleeping well," I mean falling asleep rather quickly and staying asleep the whole night and the one time I woke up to close the window during the night, I went immediately back to sleep. This is mind blowing for me who has ADHD and bipolar 1 disorder (the most severe form of bipolar)! At bedtime, I faithfully use the other tips you offer to calm my overactive, anxiety ridden mind as I fall asleep. I know it has only been a few days but something truly magical happened after studying your work - because as a rule, it had been such a terrible struggle for me to fall asleep and should I wake up in the middle of the night, I could lie there for hours before falling back asleep. It's like a light switch has been turned on in my brain that allows natural, restorative sleep because of your astounding discoveries!"

Sally McIntyre
7 years with insomnia

Here's everything included when you Enroll Today!

Sleep Success™

Module 1 (RETRAIN): Simple Sleep Framework (value $350) 

Module 2 (RELEASE): Insomnia Decoder Roadmap (value $350)

Module 3 (REFRAME): Hack Your Sleep System (value $350) 

Sleep Success Step-by-Step Workbook (value $111)

Simple Sleep Routine Guide (value $97)

Instant Sleep Audio Bundle (value $97) 

Plus, all these Bonuses!

BONUS 1: 7-Day Sleep Reset Roadmap (value $100)

BONUS 2: Anxiety is My Superpower Masterclass (value $250)

BONUS 3: Trauma Self-Healing Program (value $900)

BONUS 4: Members-Only Facebook Group (value $650)

BONUS 5: Relax & Reprogram Audio Power Pack! *Enroll now to get this exclusive action-taker bonus!*

Total Value: $3,452

Regular Price: $597

Today's Offer: $297
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Join today and save $300 on enrollment!

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✔️Immediate, unlimited access to the program (including Sleep Success Method)

✔️Detailed follow-along training videos...nothing held back!

✔️Essential Resources including Audio Downloads, Step-by-Step Workbooks, and Checklists! 

✔️BONUS 1: 7-Day Sleep Reset Roadmap (value $100)

✔️BONUS 2: Anxiety is My Superpower Masterclass (value $250)

✔️BONUS 3: Trauma Self-Healing Program (value $900)

✔️BONUS 4:  Community Support in the private Facebook Group (value $650)

✔️BONUS 5: Relax & Reprogram Audio Powerpack (value $197) *ABOUT TO EXPIREEnroll NOW to get this exclusive action-taker bonus!

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✔️Immediate, unlimited LIMETIME access to the program (including Sleep Success Method)

✔️Detailed follow-along training videos...nothing held back!

✔️Essential Resources including Audio Downloads, Step-by-Step Workbooks, and Checklists! 

✔️BONUS 1: 7-Day Sleep Reset Roadmap (value $100)

✔️BONUS 2: Anxiety is My Superpower Masterclass (value $250)

✔️BONUS 3: Trauma Self-Healing Program (value $900)

✔️BONUS 4: Community Support in the private Facebook Group (value $650)

✔️BONUS 5: Relax & Reprogram Audio Powerpack (value $197) *ABOUT TO EXPIREEnroll NOW to get this exclusive action-taker bonus!

✔️FREE Additions/Updates 

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You deserve your sleep.

Be healthier

Good quality sleep boosts the immune system.

Feel better

People who get adequate sleep are more likely to rate their lives as happier.

Live longer

Those that sleep 7-9 hours live longer than those who sleep shorter.

"I took sleeping pills for 30 years and no longer need them anymore thanks to the Sleep Success Method. The list of things I'd tried before this was endless: sleep-restriction, sleeping pills, natural supplements, meditation, sleep diaries, consistent bedtimes, reading all the sleep books out there, eating all the right foods, exercise, eliminating alcohol, salt lamps, yoga, etc. I saw improvements in my sleep within the first few days of starting the Sleep Success program, and I now fall asleep in just a few minutes each night. The quality of my sleep has gotten significantly better, I wish I had this method 40 years ago!"

Dan Sims
40 years with insomnia

Frequently Asked Questions

This program is specifically designed for those who have a hard time falling asleep due to stress, anxiety, or not being able to turn their mind off when they are ready to fall asleep. If you are kept awake regularly by your own thoughts, then this program was made for you!

This is not for those who are looking for a quick fix (i.e. a magical sleeping pill). The whole aim of this program is to develop the skills to be able to fall asleep long-term. The time it takes to develop those skills depends on how committed you are to implementing the program material.

Sleep Success is 100% focused on addressing the root cause of your racing mind or nighttime anxiety and is also focused on helping you develop and master the skills you need, which will ultimately result in you being able to fall asleep easily and quickly for the long-term. Most programs out there are only treating the symptom of not being able to fall asleep, which doesn’t actually create long-lasting change. 

Always check with your doctor before starting or stopping any medications.  Many people join Sleep Success while still on sleep medication or sleep supplements and go through the program simultaneously. What you learn inside Sleep Success will help you improve your sleep and allow you to have a much better idea of your next steps in terms of deciding whether you want to continue with any medications or not. Always work with your doctor before starting, stopping, or tapering off any medication.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I) requires things like sleep restriction and keeping a sleep log to keep track of your bedtime and every time you wake up during the night. CBT-I also requires that you get out of bed every time you don't fall asleep within ~20 minutes. I've had many students who previously tried CBT-I, and it's very common that I hear that the CBT-I approach was a very stressful process for them. CBT-I definitely does work for many people, but it can increase anxiety in others. The Sleep Success Method approach doesn't include sleep restriction, sleep diaries, or getting in/out of bed in the middle of the night. Instead, we focus exclusively on subconscious reprogramming and use simple techniques that are easy to integrate into your lifestyle that show your brain and subconscious mind that sleeping is more beneficial to you than staying awake.

Yes! When you join Sleep Success today, you will get immediate access to the full program, including all the bonuses!

Absolutely! This program comes with a 30-day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and it is for everyone who has committed to learning and implementing the material. If you go through the full program and don't feel that it will work for you, you can submit all of your coursework within 30 days and we will promptly refund your purchase in full. You must show me all of your workbook exercises and complete all video lessons to be eligible for a refund.

Sleep Success is a self-study program, however you have incredible community support inside the members-only Facebook Group! Meredith checks the Facebook Group a few times a week to make sure everyone's questions get answered.

That's exactly what our community Facebook Group is for! Post any questions you have as you complete the Sleep Success program inside our private group, and we'll all be there to support you!

"I started following the Sleep Success Method a month ago, and I now fall asleep within 10 minutes every night! I saw a substantial improvement within just the 1st week! Before, it would take me up to 3 hours (or more...) to finally fall asleep each night. I am amazed by how quickly my sleep has transformed!"

Karen Ball
7 years with insomnia

Time is of the essence. Here’s why...

Listen, you already know the detrimental impact a lack of sleep is having on your life - it’s affecting your energy, your mood, your health, and how you show up at work and for your loved ones. You also know how vital sleep is to your health and well-being. 

You no longer have to waste any more time searching for solutions. Instead, you can simply follow the steps to completely transform your sleep. Not only that, but you’ll finally feel at ease knowing that insomnia is no longer running your life. 

Let’s get started!

X Meredith

"Prior to taking Meredith's course I had been having sleep issues for the past 6 years. Let me tell you, I had tried EVERYTHING: From wearing blue-light blocking glasses, to shutting of all lights/screens an hour before bed, and to every sleep supplement out there. None of those things made a difference. That all changed when I took Meredith's course. Thanks to the Sleep Success program, I've seen the biggest improvements in my sleep and my sleep just keeps getting better. I cannot recommend the Sleep Success program enough!"

Alvaro Berrios
6 years with insomnia

"The Sleep Success training modules have helped me tremendously in getting my sleep patterns normalized! I suffered for years from sleep deprivation as a result of not being able to fall asleep and definitely felt like I tried everything. Since following the Sleep Success Method, I've been able to fall asleep in what feels like an instant! The best part really is that I have more energy and focus at work than I ever have. I cannot be happier. A big thank you!"

Amanda Elizabeth
7 years with insomnia

Sleep Success™

Module 1 (RETRAIN): Simple Sleep Framework (value $350) 

Module 2 (RELEASE): Insomnia Decoder Roadmap (value $350)

Module 3 (REFRAME): Hack Your Sleep System (value $350) 

Sleep Success Step-by-Step Workbook (value $111)

Simple Sleep Routine Guide (value $97)

Instant Sleep Audio Bundle (value $97) 

Plus, Exclusive Bonuses!

BONUS 1: 7-Day Sleep Reset Roadmap (value $100)

BONUS 2: Anxiety is My Superpower Masterclass (value $250)

BONUS 3: Trauma Self-Healing Program (value $900)

BONUS 4: Members-Only Facebook Group (value $650)

BONUS 5: Relax & Reprogram Audio Powerpack (value $197) *TODAY ONLY!Enroll by midnight tonight to get this exclusive action-taker bonus!

Total Value: $3,452

Regular Price: $597

Today's Offer: $297
Yes, I Need This!

Read this before you go!

I know how tough it is to be unable to fall asleep all night long, and then struggle to get out of bed the next day. For 12 straight years I had no idea what I could do to improve my sleep. When I finally saw a potential solution, I began STUDYING the brain and IMPLEMENTING all the most effective strategies to redevelop a neural pathway for sleep. It really doesn't matter how long you've had this problem - or how many other things you've tried - if you aren't committed to taking your brain OFF autopilot, it's very difficult to achieve long-lasting results that don't require dependency on sleep-aid products. 

Let me help you! It's time for you to achieve Sleep Success.

Lots of love,


Enroll Now in Sleep Success!

"Meredith has created a process that simply makes sense! Something I noticed immediately was a shift in the anxiety I felt regarding bedtime: "Would I sleep? I HAVE to sleep tonight! I hope I sleep tonight!" Because of the Sleep Success program, none of those thoughts plague my mind anymore! For YEARS, I searched, purchased, and took every over-the- counter item because I felt desperate to sleep. The Sleep Success Method is the only thing that's worked for me. Follow this method, you will be glad you did!"

Lynn Melon
4 years with insomnia

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