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Hello! I'm Meredith

I help high-achievers who are kept up for hours by their racing minds fall asleep in just 5-10 minutes every night without relying on sleeping pills, supplements, or the next sleep-aid trend. I was that insomniac who was tortured by my own relentless thoughts all night long, desperately seeking a solution to fall asleep that would give me my energy, happiness, and sanity back.

Everything I tried got me nowhere, but deep down I knew there had to be a missing piece to the sleep puzzle - and I became determined to solve it. That missing piece developed into my signature process to heal insomnia for good called the Sleep Success Method! If there's one thing I want you to know, it's that you have the power to transform your sleep no matter how long you've been struggling. I'm so glad to have you on this journey with me!

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Lynn Melon

"Meredith has created a process that simply makes sense! For YEARS, I searched, purchased, and took every over-the- counter item because I felt desperate to sleep. The Sleep Success Method is the only thing that's worked for me.”

Dan Sims

"I took sleeping pills for 30 years and no longer need them anymore thanks to the Sleep Success Method. I saw improvements in my sleep within the first few days, and I now fall asleep in just a few minutes each night."

Karen Ball

"Thanks to the Sleep Success Method I now fall asleep within 10 minutes every night! I saw a substantial improvement within just the 1st week! Before, it would take me up to 3 hours (or more...) to finally fall asleep each night. I am amazed by how quickly my sleep has transformed!"

Terri Lansing

"My first week I slept naturally 3 nights in a row, which I hadn't been able to do in 20 years! Finding the Sleep Success Method was the missing link I’d been looking for after suffering from the detrimental effects of insomnia for DECADES!"

Ámelie Lalonde

"I noticed myself immediately sleeping better. I’m now able to wake up earlier than before but with more energy, and I don’t even feel the need to take naps anymore!”

Alvaro Berrios

"Prior to taking Meredith's Sleep Success course I'd been having sleep issues for the past 6 years. Let me tell you, I had tried EVERYTHING. Since taking the course I've seen the biggest improvements in my sleep. I cannot recommend the Sleep Success course enough!"

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