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For high-performing professionals who are tired of being kept awake by their racing thoughts.

I help founders, business leaders, and corporate professionals transform their sleep and unlock peak performance they can wake up fully rested and energized to conquer their busy schedule with flow and ease!

Find Out How to Transform Your Sleep

Transform Racing Thoughts to Peaceful Sleep

You are a high-achieving professional who recognizes the importance of restorative sleep for peak performance. 

You understand that not only your health & well-being – but also your career success – hinges on a well-rested mind and body.

Yet despite trying everything possible to improve your sleep, you still find yourself lying awake with racing thoughts.

Don't know why it hasn't worked or what to do next?

That's what I can help you with.

Hello, I'm Meredith!

For 16 years I struggled with chronic insomnia. Instead of sleeping, I would spend hours on end battling my racing thoughts. 

Nothing I tried worked - sleep hygiene, sleep supplements, new pillows, weighted blankets...

I ended up on what I now call the "Insomnia Hamster Wheel"...

Hopping from one sleep product to the next, with no results to show for it.

Until one day I had a transformative experience at a Tony Robbins event where my mind was completely silent for the first time in my life!

This led me down a path of learning how to master quieting the mind, and turned into my signature process to heal insomnia naturally called the Sleep Success Method.

If there's one thing I want you to know, it's that you have the power to transform your sleep no matter how long you've been struggling. I'm so glad to have you on this journey with me!

Let's get started!

Real client results from following the Sleep Success Method™...

Lynn Melon

"Meredith has created a process that simply makes sense! For YEARS, I searched, purchased, and took every over-the- counter item because I felt desperate to sleep. The Sleep Success Method is the only thing that's worked for me.”

Dan Sims

"I took sleeping pills for 30 years and no longer need them anymore thanks to the Sleep Success Method. I saw improvements in my sleep within the first few days, and I now fall asleep in just a few minutes each night."

Karen Ball

"Thanks to the Sleep Success Method I now fall asleep within 10 minutes every night! I saw a substantial improvement within just the 1st week! Before, it would take me up to 3 hours (or more...) to finally fall asleep each night. I am amazed by how quickly my sleep has transformed!"

Terri Lansing

"My first week I slept naturally 3 nights in a row, which I hadn't been able to do in 20 years! Finding the Sleep Success Method was the missing link I’d been looking for after suffering from the detrimental effects of insomnia for DECADES!"

Ámelie Lalonde

"I noticed myself immediately sleeping better. I’m now able to wake up earlier than before but with more energy, and I don’t even feel the need to take naps anymore!”

Alvaro Berrios

"Prior to taking Meredith's Sleep Success course I'd been having sleep issues for the past 6 years. Let me tell you, I had tried EVERYTHING. Since taking the course I've seen the biggest improvements in my sleep. I cannot recommend the Sleep Success course enough!"

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