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Free Masterclass for Insomnia

Watch this free masterclass where you will learn exactly what has kept you stuck in the insomnia cycle and the 3-step strategy to reclaim your sleep. This is the best starting place to overcome your insomnia! 

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Sleep SuccessÂŽ

Get instant access to this step-by-step video course where you'll learn exactly how to reprogram your subconscious mind to allow natural, restorative sleep. Plus, get access to our private members-only Facebook Group for Community Support! 🎉 💤 

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Personalized 1:1 Coaching

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My coaching programs transform your life from one of sleep deprivation, anxiety, and chronic stress, to one of what I call "high performance FLOW" ✨ We retrain your way of LIVING so that you consistently tap into a flow state and are able to navigate your busy life with a renewed sense of ease and peace of mind!

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"I had been on sleeping pills for 10 years and I finally got to come off those within the last 6 months. I struggled with falling asleep and staying asleep, the mind racing, and sleep anxiety. It wasn't just a sleep program. It was like a life program that can be helpful to literally anyone. I felt so empowered the whole time, and I remember going through the modules every time I'd just be mind blown! Light bulbs were going off the whole time!"


"I was living in total anxiety and suffering every night with insomnia for 3 years. I went to the doctor and he prescribed me Xanax and something else to help with sleep. I took it only for a month because then I was feeling so horrible. I wanted to find something natural to improve my sleep and anxiety and that's how I found Meredith. Now, I don't have anxiety anymore and I fall asleep in 2 minutes! I recommend her programs 100%!"


"I've suffered for years from sleep deprivation and have tried everything. In just a few short weeks of using Meredith's Sleep Success program, I've been able to fall asleep faster than ever and also stay asleep through the night. I actually feel good getting out of bed in the morning now!"